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Looking for something easy to read in Japanese? You can start by browsing all articles. Or use the menu and pick a category you are interested in. Two main categories are available, the Difficulty (categorized by JLPT level) and Topics (categorized by main topic of the article). You can also visit the Facebook page for news and tips.

Read something every day

The best way to learn any language is to make it part of you daily life. When it comes to reading, simply read something new every day. But if  you have just started learning Japanese language you’ve probably realized that you have nothing to read. Even as you progress through the JLPT levels N5, N4 and N3, reading common books or articles is still difficult.

There are materials available, but they can be hard to find, especially the free ones. And there is only a limited number of Japanese fairy tales and ghost stories I can read. I started this website to force myself to read something in Japanese as often as possible.

Japanese Graded Readers

Graded readers are easy to read books for language learners and a great way to improve reading skills and vocabulary. Japanese graded readers use only the vocabulary and kanji suitable for the selected level.

I am going to try to gather interesting reading material in Japanese and with some help from Japanese native speakers and teachers make it less difficult to read. I will also add furigana to each article based on the JLPT level.

Ultimately I plan to use the content of this website to create Japanese graded reader e-books.

Reading furigana

Every Japanese article on this site contains furigana above kanji. Most of the browsers display it, however current version of Firefox (36) does not. If you prefer using Firefox, you have to wait for version 38. I will try to find a suitable Firefox addon in the meantime.

Use the Toggle furigana link in the menu to hide furigana and to show it again.

Other Tools to Make Reading Japanese Easier

There are also plenty of ways how to make reading Japanese articles on the internet easier to read. On-the-fly dictionaries and browser plugins that add furigana automatically making every article a possible Japanese graded reader. They make a great alternative to Google translate.

Hopefully this website becomes a source of Japanese reading materials and you find something interesting to read here every day.