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Cooking as a way to learn Japanese

There’s no better way to learn a language than to make it a regular part of your life. And if you like eating and cooking Japanese food, one of the great ways to learn some practical Japanese is to use Cookpad, the biggest Japanese recipe website.

Some of the recipes are easy to read and make, such as this ぎゅうどん recipe. The kanji used in the recipes might look intimidating at first, but it gets easy after you translate a few of them. Moreover the context of cooking makes it very easy to guess the meaning of unknown words.

How to read the recipes

To cook a recipe from Cookpad, you need to understand the list of ingredients, ざいりょう and the cooking steps. Rest of the recipe usually notes useful tips, コツ・ポイント, and the story behind the recipe, このレシピの生い立ち, which are not that important. If you have cooked Japanese food before, you will have a headstart and for everyone else, there is a great article about cooking vocabulary on Tofugu. A list of Japanese counter words come handy as well.

Take your cooking and Japanese to the next level

To spice up things a little you can try creating your own recipes. Once you get through the registration process, it’s simple! Here’s one of my own recipes for beer goulash!

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Learned Japanese in Japan while eating lots of ramen.

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