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Japanese in Overwatch

The Ramen Shop Area

There are a lot of shops in front of the temple. Most of them just have simple names:

  • キッチン – well, that’s just a kitchen
  • たみあけアドバンスカラオケシステムズ – Tamiake is probably a family name, the rest just says Advance Karaoke Systems
  • もの – shop called “food”, which doesn’t make much sense, but here’s some JLPT N5 kanji!
  • せんさけてん – probably just a name, but literally Thousand Alcohols Shop, it might be spelled as せんしゅてん
  • The starting room of the attacking team, obviously ゲームセンター
  • ハナマルギフト – your local おやげてん
  • じろうしゃしんかん – I think Tsujiro is a name of a place

And then there’s the Ramen shop itself. This side is not very interesting. It simply says うまさかい一 the number one taste in the world, and then it mentions ざか. But it’s not really an izakaya, unless something changes in the future…

Rikimaru Ramen Shop
Rikimaru Ramen Shop

However the other side of the Ramen shop is interesting:

Graffiti on the wall
Graffiti on the wall

The first character is a bit obscured, but I believe the graffiti says:

さきりゅうかいらう – The rending dragon will eat the world. The first kanji belongs to JLPT N1.

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Learned Japanese in Japan while eating lots of ramen.

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  1. What is the translation of the sign on the entrance gate? (I’m curious because I was playing around with the Google Translate app for phone and it keeps translating the middle line as “Vacant Lot”)

    Also before attacking the Objective B (inside the castle) going up the stairs to the right, just before you enter the door/area where the health pack is. There is a statue. I think its a Koi? Can you confirm these, as well as translate anything that might be there?

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