Defender's Starting room

Japanese in Overwatch

Game arcade

Apart from a lot of Katakana English and a poster that says おんがく, there is a poster of D.VA in the Arcade:


チャンスをおのがしなく、4かいチャンピオン! Don’t miss the chance to see the four-time world champion! In Hanamura of course.

Real world Japanese

There are some signs that are commonly used in Japan now as well. For example there is a back street with two signs:

No parking sign
No parking sign
  • ちゅうしゃきん – the top part says no parking (I wonder who parked here the scooter).
  • とおきん – no through road

There is a Japanese short curtain called のれん in one of the doors, that says おこしやす which is the same as the polite welcome phrase いらっしゃいませ, but in Kyoto dialect. In the animated short movie, the temple has a very clear view of Mt. Fuji. It means that it is not anywhere near Kyoto.

And a bonus…

This is not specific to Hanamura, but there are two characters on Genji’s armor しん, which means the God of the Martial Arts. The first character is the same as in どう, the samurai code.

Hanzo's name on the wall
Hanzo’s name on the wall

This is pretty well hidden and most people probably won’t even notice.


Hanzo is watching from the shadows.

If you have anything else you want to know, let me know in the comments. There are a few things I left out, like the sign of residential area, fire hydrant and a lot of katakana. There are probably some hidden Easter eggs as well!


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  1. What is the translation of the sign on the entrance gate? (I’m curious because I was playing around with the Google Translate app for phone and it keeps translating the middle line as “Vacant Lot”)

    Also before attacking the Objective B (inside the castle) going up the stairs to the right, just before you enter the door/area where the health pack is. There is a statue. I think its a Koi? Can you confirm these, as well as translate anything that might be there?

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