How to hide furigana on NHK News Web Easy website

NHK News Web Easy is one of the best resources for reading Japanese around JLPT N4 and N3 level. Most of the grammar is N4 and easy to understood with N3 kanji. Difficult words are explained in a simple popup when you hover the mouse over an underlined word.

All of the kanji also have furigana written above them, which some readers like and some don’t. The furigana makes it easy to read words, but it’s not helpful if you want to practice reading the kanji.

For Yomimaru, I have created a simple script that can turn the furigana off and on again. The same trick can be used for NHK News Web Easy. Simply drag and drop the following link into you bookmarks or bookmark bar and use it on the NHK website:

Toggle Furigana

The first time you use it, all furigana should disappear, second time, it should become visible again.

Note: It doesn’t work on all furigana, because the website sometimes uses images to show text. But it will work on other sites with furigana, as long as they use ruby annotations.

Hide only specific words

A Chrome extension that would hide only specific words should be pretty easy to make. Let me know in comments if you would be interested in such extension.  I am considering making the extension, since I’d like to hide the furigana selectively, too.


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