How to learn Kanji for busy people

When I studied Japanese in Japan, I learned about 400 kanji, but I forgot most of them over time. I am re-learning everything again and my plan is now to learn all 2,000+ jōyō kanji.

I understand that it’s not going to happen over night, in a week or a couple of months. I have estimated that it will take me over two years with my routine. But first 1,000 kanji make more than 90% of all characters you will encounter in daily life and I will be at 1,000 in just over a year. Continue reading How to learn Kanji for busy people

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Furigana on the web

The language of computers used to be English. Support for other languages was added over time. Until recently, it wasn’t easy to display many of the national alphabets and scripts. East Asian languages have been supported for some time already, but furigana was added only recently.

Right now, in April 2015, most modern browsers support furigana using something called ruby annotations. If it works in your browser, you should see it here: 漢字かんじ. The only browser still lacking this functionality is Firefox. However support for ruby will be added in version 38 that will be released soon.
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