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Yomimaru needs authors who can write articles in simple Japanese. Any topic is fine as long as it is interesting to someone who is learning Japanese.


This website focuses on JLPT N5, N4 and N3 levels. Writing in simplified Japanese is not easy and therefore native speakers with some experience or Japanese teachers are preferred. However we give chance to everyone. If you are interested in becoming an author for Yomimaru, use the contact form below to contact me.

There is no pay, but every author can write a short bio with a web link to any website they want, as long as it is related to Japanese language. This bio will be shown under every article they write. It can be a great way to get some visibility for Japanese schools, lessons, blogs and so on.

Review process

There is also a short review process for each article:

  1. To start posting articles, you need to contact me first (form below)
  2. Author writes an article, it can be saved many times as draft. When the writing is finished, the article is published for review.
  3. A reviewer (well, me) reads it. If there are any changes required, the author will be contacted and the article can be edited again.
  4. The editor (me again) adds furigana and notes if necessary.
  5. Article is published.


You can use html tags in your bio to add links. For example:

My name is Tanaka Fumiko and I am a Japanese teacher at <a href="http://www.acmejapaneseschool.co.jp">ACME Japanese school</a>.

Contact form

Just leave your email and what you want to write about in this form and click submit.


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