Japanese in Overwatch

Recently I started playing Overwatch, an online 1st person shooter from Blizzard. Two characters are Japanese, so you can actually hear a lot of Japanese in Overwatch.

One of the maps featured in the game is はなむら, or Hanamura, the Flower Village. It has a very Japanese feel. Simply based on the view of the Mt. Fuji and some of the texts found in the area, Hanamura is not a real place in Japan.

However Japanese and read world Japanese is written all over the place. So to make some use of the game in my Japanese studies, I took some screenshots and translated them with Tori.

The main parts of Hanamura are the Shimada Castle, a nearby temple and a small shop area. Note that Japanese websites refer to the Shimada clan, and the two characters Genji and Hanzo, using katakana. But there is actually Hanzo’s name written on the wall in Hanamura in Kanji. More on that later.

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